So I’m sitting here, doing my daily doggy chores (feed, water, walk) with one of our rescue dogs. Sparky is a 3 year old sweetie with some serious anxiety issues. We adopted him when he was 8 months old and got him right before Christmas last year. He’s very cute-looking but has some major personality problems.

Those personality problems are the reason behind this post which I thought up after taking him on an extended walk in the woods today where we were hiking through snow that’s hip deep in places – snowshoeing is not for pups (although it is for me). It took us over 45 minutes just to get back to the truck! We made a lot of noise going through thigh deep snow and came across a few moose. Sparks wasn’t phased by them at all; he was too busy trying to eat the snow, sticks and rocks on the trail and getting tangled in his leash every two minutes. Fortunately, I’ve done lots of camping and hiking with my dogs so we went prepared with doggy booties for him (he doesn’t like wearing clothes but is okay with booties).

 I don’t know why Sparky decided to let me take this picture – he’s usually not very cooperative when it comes to taking photos!

We got home just as I started thinking about how crazy people are when they decide to give up their perfectly healthy rescue dog because it has “behavioral problems”.  Just today I was told that I should euthanize him because he goes into panic mode every time he’s walked. He has attacked (bitten) two men (two different occasions with two different men) and one woman (one occasion).  He is also afraid of children.

I can’t believe how people are so selfish they feel like they have the right to make the decision on whether or not an animal lives or dies when it’s someone else’s pet in the first place! I will not euthanize my dog.  I’m more than willing to work with whatever Sparky needs in order for him to feel comfortable and safe, but that doesn’t mean everyone else gets to decide if his life is worth living or not.

Only Sparky knows how he feels, but I know for sure that there are others out there like him who deserve the chance to live.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why his name is Sparky – it’s because of this little incident where I took him camping (he had just arrived at our house), was attempting to make a fire, got distracted by my cell phone call with my mom while cooking on the camp stove and set my sleeve on fire. Thankfully, I had some water nearby in a cooler or else my whole arm would’ve been charred. So Sparky isn’t exactly the sharpest knife around…