Urban Dog Parks

There’s something about a dog park that just makes a city feel like a home. Maybe it’s the convenience of having one right in your backyard, or maybe it’s the satisfaction of knowing your pup has a safe place to play and run off some energy.

No matter what the reason, more and more cities are investing in urban dog parks. These parks are typically made from concrete, brick, or pavers and can be quite elaborate, with features such as benches, water fountains, agility equipment, and even splash pads. One such park is in our nation’s capitol and made by the masonry experts at DC Masonry Pros.

Urban dog parks have become so popular that there are now organizations devoted to helping cities create and maintain them. One such organization is DogParks USA, which has created a “City Dogs Play” program that provides free resources to help cities develop and improve their dog parks.

If you’re a city dweller with a furry friend, be sure to check out your local dog park. Chances are, you’ll both love it!

Concrete, brick, and pavers are popular materials for building urban dog parks because they’re durable and easy to keep clean.